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Beautiful Clay Cake Toppers by Gina Holt

I opened my boutique shop this week and a new local vendor reached out to me already and I cannot wait to start collaborating with her since her work is amazing and absolutely stunning. I would like to introduce you all to talented and creative Gina Holt!

Gina creates these masterpiece clay flowers that you can use as your topper on your wedding cake or as a decorative piece on your dessert table. Her flowers are beautifully crafted and she wires the flowers so you can hang them on your wall as a commemorative art piece from your wedding day! She will also inscribe your name and wedding date on the back of your flower to personalize it for you. If you are interested in what she can create for you, please come stop by my boutique and check out her work in person.

Here is more about Gina and her work:

Originally from New York, Gina Holt currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where she works from her home studio. Born in 1959, Gina says that she inherited her creativity from her father, a dancer, and her mother, an artist. As a child she loved to spend her spare time drawing, painting and making up imaginary characters for the stories she illustrated.

Gina received a BA in art from the University of Oregon, where she focused on printmaking, illustration, and painting. After graduating, she augmented her creative abilities by taking classes in ceramic hand-building at Pottery Northwest.

She has since experienced an unending joy of working with clay, as this medium allows her to transform the 2-D media she is so familiar with into virtual 3-D canvases that simultaneously employ her drawing, sculpting and painting skills.

Gina's most recent works are colorful, large and small botanical inspired sculptures that can either stand alone, hang on the wall or adorn the top of a cake. Inspirations for these life-like creations begin with her study of intricate nature photos and live plants from the garden. Gina's eye-catching work emerges as she molds complexity, light and shadow into the clay. The addition of multiple layers of combined glazes and textures enhance and complete each unique work of art. Gina then signs, numbers, and writes on the back of each botanical piece a sentimental meaning that primarily derives from Victorian Era floral dictionaries, making each and every sculpture a thoughtful experience.

Gina began selling her works in 1991 through gift galleries, shows and now exhibits in fine art galleries.

Her devoted groupies know very well that her works in clay started as floral-themed mirrors and architectural-style docks. A number of her followers are thrilled to have more than a handful of these collectible items gracing the walls of their homes.

There is optimism and delightful cheerfulness to Gina's work and her art has gained attention across the United States.

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