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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One of the favorite things that I like to do for my couples is put together a "Wedding Day Emergency Kit." I usually drop it off the morning of the wedding along with some coffee and treats for the bridal party so they have something to enjoy while they are getting ready for the big day.

Planning weddings is a special job and I love that I get the opportunity to do it for a living. Couple's are sharing such a special time in their life with me and entrusting me with making sure their wedding day is perfect. And after spending so much quality time with my couples I always like to add a personal touch to each Kit. It could include their favorite wine or champagne or it could even include something they might need for their new home. In this Kit pictured above, I gave the bride a bottle champagne from one of her favorite wineries, Karma Vineyards, She loved it!

I love putting these Kits together for my couples because it is a nice gift for them that they will use during their day and after their wedding. It generally includes the essential wedding day supplies that you might need in case of an emergency, but I also like to include some things the bride and groom can enjoy after the wedding.

After my wedding, when my hubby and I got back to the hotel, we were starving! We didn't really eat during our wedding since we were trying to make the rounds and chat with everyone. But when we got to our room, it was too late for room service. So we ended up ordering pizza from Dominos. Don't get me wrong, ordering pizza was great. But it would have been wonderful if we had a basket of goodies that we could have munched on, like snacks or candy or maybe even a bottle of wine or champagne that we could have popped open and shared a drink together as newlyweds. So I always make sure I provide something like that for each of my couples!

Here is a list of what I like to include:

- Water

- Snacks: nuts, chips, candy, chocolate, dried fruit

- Wine or champagne

- First aid kit

- Manicure Set

- Sewing kit with scissors

- Crazy glue

- Tissue

- Shampoo and Conditioner

- Eye drops

- Tums

- Advil

- Wet wipes

- Q-Tips

- Cotton balls or cotton pads

- Tampons

- Toothbrush and tooth paste

- Mints

- Gum

- Safety Pins

- Bobby Pins

- Clear hair ties

- Straws (so they don't mess up their lipstick)

- Lip balm

- Small Vaseline (for blisters/uncomfortable heels)

- Static wipes

- Shout wipes

Where do I buy all these items? The Dollar Store!! I actually do a lot of event shopping there. They have great deals on vases and votives. You can also find a lot of these items at a drug store in the travel section. I also find nice baskets or totes at Ross, TJMaxx or Tuesday Morning. But the key is to get creative when you are adding a personal touch for each couple. Make sure you add something that is meaningful to them!

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