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SSE Welcomes Calligraphy Vendor to Boutique - Opens September 30th!

I want to introduce you all to a wonderful local vendor from the PNW who specializes in calligraphy. Everyone please meet Allie, owner and artist of Lone Wolf Studio! Sometimes you really wonder about the universe and how it brings people together, not by chance, but somehow it is designed and planned. I was starting to make my plans for my boutique shop and was trying to build a vendor list and was thinking, "Can I really do this? Can I find vendors who want to be a part of my dream?" Then out of the blue, Allie happened to tag me in a post to enter a contest (we did not know each other at the time), and I started to look at her Instagram page and just fell in love with her organic and beautiful work. So I reached out to her and thought, "Well the worst she can say is no, right?" We chatted over the phone and we both felt like the universe brought us together somehow since she was trying to expand her business at the same time. Fate had a plan! I am so happy to have her amazing and absolutely beautiful work in my shop for you to purchase OR customize for your wedding or event. Here is a little bio about Allie, her company and her passion for her artwork:

From Allie: "My love for calligraphy has always been an interest and became a business when I made all my own wedding invitations and wedding stationary. Realizing this was my passion and was something others were interested in, it became my focus. I am a hairstylist during the day at a local barbershop in Seattle. I was born and raised in the PNW and love living here. I currently live in the city with my wife, two cats, and dog. I get all my inspiration from my surroundings, a lot of my work is inspired by nature. I look forward to working with you to create something beautiful."

Here is a little teaser of her work, enjoy!

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