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Copper Octagon Arbor (1) - $100

Copper Arbor designed and created by Seattle Stunning Events. Perfect backdrop for your ceremony or head table. 8 ft x 8 ft

Rustic Wood Ladders (2) - $15 ea

Rustic wood ladders great for décor and favor display.

Antique White Doors Backdrop - $150

Rustic but elegant door back drop with shelves that can be used for candles, photos or flowers. This is extremely versatile. You can use either side of the backdrop if you do not want to use the selves. You can also just rent each door separately as well for $50 ea.

Antique Gray Wood Pallet Backdrops (2) - $75.00 ea

These are great for a backdrop for a ceremony, head table or photo booth. There are two separate backdrops that can be used separately or pushed together. You can also string lights on these, hang photos, or attach flowers and greenery to them (40 in. x 8 ft.).

Gold Hoops (10) - $3 ea

Gold hoops that are great to decorate with flowers for either your bridesmaids bouquets or for added décor at your wedding.

Rustic Metal Floor Easel (2) - $7.00 ea

Floor easels (4.5 ft tall)

Vintage White 6 Pane Window - $30

Old white antique 6 pane window great for escort cards or seating chart. (36 in. x 32 in.)

Burgundy Tear Drop Vases (18) - $5.00 ea

Beautiful burgundy tear drop vases for centerpieces or accent tables.

Mr. & Mrs. Marquee Light Sign - $20

Lighted Mr. & Mrs. marquee sign great for behind the head table or a dessert table.

Gold Geometric Terrarium (12) - $5.00/ea

These are great for center pieces or for side table décor. You can either put candles or flowers in these.

Mason Jar Votives (18) - $1.00 ea

Rustic mason jar votives for tea candles. Great to add to your centerpieces and accent tables.

Small Bud Vases (16) - $0.50 ea

Small glass bud vases that are great to add to your centerpieces or cocktail tables.

Rose Gold Copper Glass Mercury Votives (70) - $0.50 ea

Glass rose gold copper mercury votives that are perfect for your guest tables, cocktail tables, head table or bar.

Gold Mercury Glass Votives (70) - $0.50 ea

Glass gold mercury votives that are perfect for your guest tables, cocktail tables, head table or bar.

Gold & Silver Geometric Votives (12 of ea.) - $0.75 ea

Different accent votives that are great to add to your centerpiece or accent tables.

Silver or Black Crystal Chandeliers (2) - $12.00 ea

Beautiful silver or black crystal chandeliers (not pictured) that are great accents over a head table or alter.

Glass Cylinder Vases

Various sized glass cylinder vases that are great for center pieces or aisle décor. (4.5 in. x 10 in.).

2 X-Large (6 in. x 20 in.)- $7 ea.

18 Large (4.5 in. x 10 in.) - $4 ea.

16 Medium (4.5 in. x 7 in.) - $2 ea

5 Small (4.5 in. x 6 in.) - $1 ea

8 X-Small (2.5 in. x 5.5 in.) $0.75 ea

Glass Votives (112) - $0.30 ea.

Simple clear glass votive for tea candles.

Mason Jars

135 Pint (pictured) - $0.50 ea

25 Quart (not pictured) - $1.00 ea

Large Silver Bump Votives (2) - $1.50 ea

Large glass silver votive with bump accents that can be used for candles or flowers.

Flat Clear Glass Votives (19) - $0.25 ea

Clear glass IKEA votives for tea candles.

Gold Candle Sticks (6) - $0.25 ea

Gold candle sticks that can be used as is or can be used to create goblet votives.

Medium Gold Bump Votives (2) - $1.25 ea

Medium glass gold votive with bump accents for candles or flowers.

White Bubble Votives (5) - $0.80 ea

White glass bubble votives with that have a metallic inside that reflect candle light beautifully.

Clear Glass Bubble Votives (9) - $0.75 ea

Glass bubble votives that can be used stand alone or hot glued onto a candle stick to make a goblet votive to add height to your center pieces.

Gold Chargers (118) - $1.75 ea

Plastic gold charger plates with ruffled edge. These are add an elegant feel when used under dinner plate at events or also can be used for center pieces.

White Cylinder Bump Votives (2) - $0.80 ea

White glass cylinder votive with bump accents and metallic inside that reflect candle light beautifully.

Clear Candel Sticks (8) - $0.25 ea

Clear glass candle sticks that an be used as is, or can be glued to bubble votives to make goblet votives to add height to your centerpieces. Also, these can be painted to match your décor colors.

Gold Sequins Table Cloths (9) - $8.00 ea

Seven gold sequins rectangle table cloths (60 in. x 120 in.)

Two gold sequins square table cloths (71 in. x. 71 in.)

Gold Sequins Table Runners (7) - $5.00 ea

Gold sequins table runners (71 in. x 25 in.


Gold Lanterns (3) - $12 ea

Large gold metal lanterns with flickering candles inside (8 in. x 8 in. x 18 in.). These are great for ceremony aisle décor or for buffet, gift, or cake tables.

3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser (2) - $20 ea

Free standing three gallon glass beverage dispenser.

1.5 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispensers with Stand (1) - $20

Two 1.5 gallon glass beverage dispensers with black iron stand.

Candy Table Set Up

Miscellaneous glass jars and vases that can be used for a Candy Table and candy utensils.

Small Vessels - $5.00

Medium Vessels - $7.00

Large Vessels - $10.00

X-Large Vessels - $15.00

Scoopers/Tongs - $1.00/ea

Clear Umbrellas (5) - $2 ea

Clear bubble umbrellas that are great for wedding photos in case it rains in Seattle!

Antiqued Wood Crates (3) - $5 ea

One large white wood crate, one small white crate, and one gray white crate. These are great to add height to buffet tables.

Antique Suitcases (4) - $10.00 ea

Four antique suitcases that are great for receiving gift cards on your gift table or for general décor to make your setting more charming.

Wood Pallet Center Piece (2) - $15 ea

Antiqued wood pallet that holds flowers, wine bottles, plates, utensils, paper plates, napkins, or candles.

Antiqued White Fireplace Mantel - $65

Portable fireplace mantel that is great piece to use in and entry way for a guest book or gift table. It is also a great décor piece for a ceremony backdrop if you put tall candles inside and drape greenery on top.

Antiqued Gray Wood Pallet (1) - $35

Wood pallet that is great for hanging photos, table seating cards or to decorate with flowers, candles and greenery (40 in. x 4 ft.). I also have a banner that says "Memory Lane" ($3).

Chalk Boards (4)

One white free standing chalk board. - $10.00

One large chalk board for easel - $10.00

One small table chalk boards. - $5.00

One large "A" frame chalk board - $15.00

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